Located in Spokane’s South Hill area, B Side Games is a family-friendly, veteran-owned game shop that’s been South Hill’s gaming hub since 2019. Our mission is to bring the fun with board games, card games, RPGs, collectibles, accessories and much more to the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane. With more than 1500 games and products to choose from, B Side Games is packed with your gaming favorites and likely some treasures you’ve never even seen.

When is a game store more than a game store…?

…when that shop is also a welcoming place to play. At B Side Games, the real fun begins once you join us for one of our many game nights and tournaments. Every day of the week brings new challenges and chances to hangout with friends and make new gaming connections. We have open tables for people to try out new games, or you might bring in an old favorite and teach it to a newbie.  And if you’re looking for organized play and events, at B Side Games we schedule game sessions every day of the week. Check out our event calendar to find and reserve your place at the table.

So, take a chance, roll the dice, and come over to B Side Games. We’d love to see you.