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Players each begin with nine cards face down and then use the following simple steps to try and get the lowest score to win.
This game is inspired by the classic face card game called golf.
Now the game is fully developed game with custom cards, rules, and numbers of cards per suit to make the original concept much more engaging.

Uniquely fun for youth and adults! Easy to learn, but there is interesting strategy to make it interesting for everyone.

here are the basics of play:

1. Draw One Card from Either the Draw Pile or The Discard Pile.
2. Place the Card Drawn Face up In Your Grid to Replace One Card in Your Grid.)
3. The Card Replaced Goes in the Discard Pile.
4. Three Identical Cards in a Row or Column Are Removed for a -5 Point Bonus.
5. First Player to Expose All Cards Earns -5 Bonus Points – If They Have the Lowest Score that Round – If not a +10 Penalty is Imposed.